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The Irish Cultural & Heritage Center is in need of your support. You can support the ICHC with donations and by volunteering your time. The Irish Cultural & Heritage Center is a 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax deductible.

Since 1996, The Irish Cultural and Heritage Center has called our present location on West Wisconsin Avenue, home.  The years since then have been filled with promise and dreams and a lot of activity.  Over the years we've built a dedicated band of volunteers, business owners, musicians, dancers, artisans, playwrights, actors, poets, historians and educators who have one goal in mind - presenting top-notch cultural education and entertainment for the local community. This tradition has enabled us to attract a tremendous array of stars including some of the best names in Irish entertainment such as Tommy Makem, Paddy Reilly, Frank Patterson, Cherish the Ladies, the Black Family and Gaelic Storm to name but a few; also visiting Irish dignitaries such as the Lord Mayor of Galway, the Irish Consuls of Chicago, and local political leaders. 

​We showcase beautiful Celtic art, engravings, photographs and historical displays in constantly revolving exhibitions. The ICHC is home to dance schools which develop future stars of this growing popular youth activity. Many groups hold regular meetings, parties, fund-raisers, classes, films and lectures as well as present Irish plays, author book-signings, weddings and receptions. There are now two distinct libraries which are open to the public , the ICHC Irish library and the genealogical library sponsored by the Irish Genealogical Society of Wisconsin.

A lot has changed since we first opened our doors but one thing remains constant.  The true strength of this organization comes from you - our loyal friends and committed supporters.

Your generous support of our mission will help ensure our future. All of us here appreciate your kind generosity.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

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