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Dear Friend of the ICHC:

For over thirty years the Irish Cultural and Heritage Center (ICHC) has been the premier venue for Irish culture and music in Milwaukee. With seating for up to 500 people, our Hallamor Grand Hall presents major concerts and cultural events throughout the season. Our parlors provide space for book clubs, poetry readings, lectures, dance rehearsals, conferences, and meetings. Each year the Center hosts the St. Patrick’s Post Parade Party, drawing hundreds of visitors. The ICHC is also home to the Irish Immigration Library and the Irish Genealogical Society of Southeastern Wisconsin. The ICHC continues to grow and serve the Irish community and plays a vital role in revitalizing downtown Milwaukee.

This year the ICHC hosts its most ambitious concert schedule and continues to offer a variety of special events.

To support the Center and help kick off the new year, please contribute. 


We look forward to seeing you in ’24.  We hope to see you soon!


Thank you,

Corey Webster, President ICHC

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